AOL Mail Reset Your Password

First check your browser
The current versions of most Internet browsers offer an auto-fill feature. When you first entered a username and password on a password-protected site, you might have seen it; The browser usually presents a popup window that asks you if you want to save login information.
If you have recently visited AOL Mail site, you may have saved your username and password using this function, in which case the browser can automatically fill in the password field for you. If not, try double-clicking on the password field; If a password matches, they will be presented in a drop-down menu so that you can select the appropriate password. Alternatively, you can see your browser's support site to see where your settings are stored, how to recover it, and how to turn the feature on or off. The process is similar across browsers.
If you have not saved your password in your browser, now it's time to use AOL's password reset process.

AOL Mail's password reset process
Along with many websites, AOL has moved away from password
recovery as a safer approach than a password reset option. AOL has developed an
easy process to do this. They are sometimes updated but usually take the same
Visit AOL Mail Login Page.
Select Login / Join.
Type your AOL username
Click Next.
Forgot your password?
Type your username.
Tap Next.
Type in the phone number associated with your account, which
you created when you created it. (You may also be able to choose another method
here, depending on which screen AOL sends you. Stop here and see the other
instructions below.)
Click Next.
To verify your identity, AOL requires a verification code.
You can send it by text or phone call. Just choose the method of your choice.
After getting your code, type it into the Enter code field.
Click Next.
Enter the new password you want to use.
Click Save.
You can also choose to receive an email to reset your password:

Choose another verification option.
Select a reset link email at my recovery email address.
Tap Next. This will prompt the system to send an email to the address you provided when you signed up for AOL Mail.
Click Close.
Open your alternate email account and see the password reset
message from AOL. There will be a subject line such as "Request to reset
your password."
Click the reset password button or link in the email.On the page where the link sends you, enter a new password.
Click Save.
Another password reset method involves the security question established when your account is created:
Choose the answer security question.
Type in the answer to the question asked.
Click Next.
If your answer was correct, you will see the box in which you enter your new password. Do this, and click Next.
Once you have completed one of these processes, you should be able to log in to your AOL Mail account using your new password. Ways to remember passwords
Forgetting passwords is a common occurrence-like passwords themselves are normal. Instead of keeping a handwritten list or trying to rely on your memory, consider storing your password in Password Manager, there are several safe options available, downloading third party programs (some free, some payment) in your browser By storing for To make sure that you store your password in an encrypted format, just double check any method so that unauthorized parties cannot easily understand them.
Tips for creating a secure password
As soon as you reset your AOL Mail password, keep these tips in mind:Do not use anything explicitly, such as "123456"or "my password."
The longer your password, the more secure it is
Do not use letters that appear next to each other on your keyboard or follow some clear pattern, such as the four corners of the keypad on your phone.Do not use the same password that you use on any other site.
Make each password for each site unique.
Do not create a password on personal details such as
birthdays, addresses, phone numbers etc.
Change your password from time to time.
If you get an email that you change your password, do not click on any link in the email; Email could come from a hacker. Instead, type
in the website address in your browser and go to your account. If this is a valid request, it will appear there.